We help grow your coaching biz, guaranteed.

Let us prove to you we can help, by 10Xing your investment, done for you.

What we’re about.

At Ashana we believe the last thing you want to do is spend your time hunting for prospects to become Clients. Our business was created by three long-time Business Coaches because they know exactly that. And more importantly, they know you’d rather be coaching than attempting to convince cold leads to do business with you.

Our Lead Generation Specialists do all the work for you.

And, assuming we accept you as a Client, we guarantee you’ll
earn ten times your investment.

How it works.

Step 1: Apply & Make Your Deposit

To apply you submit 25%, or $625 and complete an application.

Step 2: Our Team Builds Your LinkedIn Outreach Strategy

Once accepted, we then meet with you to learn your Right Fit Audience and your specific business coaching offering and build your outreach strategy.

Step 3: Pay Nothing Until You Hit $25,000 in Sales

Your next payment, the final 50%, or $1,250 isn't paid until you earn $25,000 in new sales from our efforts.

That’s right, we’ll work with you, making connections, screening and nurturing them for you, until you earn 10X your investment, and then you pay the balance. No fine print.

What’s the catch?

How can you possibly guarantee results for so low an investment?

Great question.

Our business model is designed to offer cost-effective and reliable results. Unlike North American agencies charging 100 cents on the dollar or outsourcing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork at 5 cents with uncertain quality, we provide guaranteed results for 20 cents on the dollar.

We are confident in our process and our Lead Gen Specialists. We aim to deliver results within 2-3 months but promise to work up to a year without extra investment until we earn you ten times your investment. Only then do you pay the remaining 50%. No fine print—you pay only when you’re satisfied.

At that point, you can either take over or choose one of our ongoing support options. Our goal is to earn your continued support.

Fair enough?

What happens after we prove our value?

Once we successfully complete the first Stage, and earn you ten times your investment, you’ll have three choices to continue to receive our support.


$ 497 per month
  • Continue to enjoy our LinkedIn Lead Generation Services, 100% done for YOU!



$ 970 per month
  • Everything in our Silver Package, plus:

  • Full SEO Audit
  • Google Review


$ 1,470 per month
  • Everything in our Gold Package, plus:

  • LinkedIn Roundtables
  • New Website